Union Hill Homes

Union Hill Homes

City of Philadelphia Office of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation

Project Type

Services Provided
Architectural and Engineering Design

Program Value
$10 Million

Project Description
WF Design Group in partnership with Homeownership Developers, LLC, The McKissack Group, Inc. and Union Hill Community Developers, Inc. was granted financial support from the City of Philadelphia Office of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation to provide architectural and engineering design services for Phase I of the Union Hill Home Ownership Project.

Union Hill Homes is a home-ownership initiative designed to provide 52 units in their first full phase of development of high quality homes for ownership to low and moderate income residents. These 1,500 to 1,650 square foot units will include a mix of 3 and 4 bedroom single family, twin and detached homes with 1 ½ to 2 ½ baths and comply with the City’s energy efficiency requirements. Located in the Mantua neighborhood of West Philadelphia, the project will contribute toward the transformation of a community whose foundation remains solid but whose fabric has been threatened by blight and crime. Over the past decade, Mantua has been experiencing a deteriorating housing stock as more properties become vacant and abandoned. This increase in vacancy threatens the safety and condition of the area. Thus the most effective way to restore the area to vitality is through conversion of vacant properties in a targeted area to new home-ownership units that in turn helps to stabilize the existing occupied properties. In line with PHFA’s mission, the Union Hill Homes project will increase the presence of long term investors, building optimism and hope while signaling the promise of an urban neighborhood as a healthy, attractive place to live.

Responding to this need for investment and revitalization a development partnership was built through the support of Philadelphia City Council member, Jannie Blackwell, to bring homeownership housing to the community. The co-developers and sponsors of Union Hill Homes are Homeownership Developers, LLC (HD) – a Minority Owned Development Corporation dedicated to rebuilding communities by creating affordable homeownership opportunities and Union Hill Community Builders, Inc. (UHCB) an emerging non-profit organization committed to the revitalization of Mantua and improvement of the quality of life of the residents who live there.